SunPower solar panels review

SunPower Solar Panels: The Complete Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes

SunPower solar panels are one of the most frequently requested solar panel brands on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, and for good reason. Their panels are some of the most efficient products on the market today, and they offer an industry-leading warranty. EnergySage’s SunPower reviews take a look at the technical specifications of SunPower solar panels as compared to other manufacturers to answer the question, once and for all, of whether SunPower is actually the best solar panel brand on the market.

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fortress power energysage

Q&A with Fortress Power

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Early in 2018, Fortress Power released two energy storage systems in the United States – a 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) and a 15 kWh model. Their foray into an increasingly packed residential storage system market is with a different type of chemistry – lithium ferrite phosphate – than many other options available on the market. EnergySage sat down for a Q&A with Fortress Power to learn more about the company, why customers should consider energy storage, and how Fortress Power batteries differ from other brands in the market. (Interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.)

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tesla solar roof shingles

Tesla solar roof: Elon Musk’s solar roof tiles complete review

Reading Time: 7 minutes

If you’ve found it difficult to stay up to date on the future of Tesla Motors and SolarCity in recent months, you are not alone. Numerous industries (solar, electric vehicles, and ridesharing, to name a few) worldwide are starting to feel the impact of a merger that could significantly alter growth plans for manufacturers and executives across the globe. Now the concept of an integrated solar glass shingle – the Tesla solar roof – is on everyone’s mind. 

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solar power tower

Concentrated solar power: what you need to know

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Many people are familiar with solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar hot water systems. But in sunny spaces across the world, another lesser-known technology exists as a different way to take advantage of the sun’s energy: concentrated solar power (CSP). In this article, we’ll describe how concentrated solar power works, the types of CSP systems, and how the technology compares to solar PV.

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solar panel cost

How much do solar panels cost in the U.S. in 2018?

Reading Time: 8 minutes

You’ve probably heard about how solar energy can reduce your electricity bills, but how much do solar panels really cost? The easiest way to calculate the average cost of solar panels is to look at its price in dollars per watt, which is relatively consistent across the United States. Continue reading

demand charges plus solar

How do demand charges work?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In the past few years, utilities across the country — from Indiana to Massachusetts to Arizona — proposed mandatory or voluntary demand charges for residential customers. With the right resources and knowledge, it is definitely possible to reduce your monthly bill on a demand charge rate. But in many situations, including often for people with solar on their roof, demand charges can lead to more expensive bills overall.

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