Own a Solar, Wind, or Geothermal System? What Advice Do You Wish You’d Had?

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Deciding whether or not to install a solar, small wind, or geothermal system at your home or business doesn’t need to be a lonely pursuit. Consider this: If you’re looking for a hot new restaurant to try, where do you look? You could check the yellow pages or maybe look through local newspaper ads, but you probably won’t. A far more likely scenario is that you will ask your friends or neighbors for a recommendation. Why? Because, aside from a sincere desire to see you happy, your friends and neighbors don’t have any vested interest in which restaurant you choose. As people who know you and know what you are looking for, they serve as a credible source of information. They are people who are willing to share their own thoughts, experiences and expertise to help you to make your own decision.

This kind of friendly help and advice is particularly invaluable when deciding which clean energy system is right for you—a decidedly bigger decision than where to go out to eat.

With a Solar Decision, You Need Extensive Information

The EnergySage community connects you to group of people with valuable, relevant information to share. Our discussion forum connects people who currently own clean energy systems with people who are interested in buying them and have questions. Our case studies provide the opportunity to share your experiences with clean energy with others who are just starting out. They’re a great way for newcomers to learn about what’s working in their neighborhoods. Our ratings and reviews of installers, manufacturers, and financing providers are a great way to get unbiased feedback. The EnergySage community gives you access to an exponentially larger pool of “friends and neighbors” that can provide you with first-hand knowledge about the alternative energy purchase process, making the decision process that much easier for you.

The community is open to everyone—people who have installed a clean energy system, people who have considered buying one, and people who are just researching. We would especially like to invite people who have already bought a clean energy system to:

Because you’ve already been down this road, current consumers have authentic stories and experiences that can provide genuine value to others who are looking at making the same purchase. Even people who did the research and ended up not making a purchase have valuable information to share.

We invite everyone to join the EnergySage Community and participate in the conversation. Check out this case study in Roslindale, MA to see the value the EnergySage community adds to the experience of shopping for clean energy.

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