Mr. President, Please Put Solar on the White House

Who hasn’t been at a wedding where no one is dancing and then suddenly, because one brave soul got up and got out on the dance floor, an entire party erupted? There’s a lot of truth to the age old adage that it only takes one person to get the ball rolling.

That’s why on Earth Day 2013, we’re asking President Barack Obama to follow through on his 2010 promise to install solar power at the White House. Since Jimmy Carter first introduced solar at the presidential home in 1979, the landscape for solar power has changed considerably. Today, solar is not only environmentally beneficial, but also a sound financial investment.

The White House is more than just a building—it is a symbol of our nation and it should reflect the values of our country and its people. A recent Gallop survey showed that two-thirds of Americans want more emphasis put on renewable sources of energy. The Vatican went solar in 2010 installing solar panels on its own historic architecture. Forces are aligning and we think that the time is ripe for solar panels on the most prestigious house in our nation. Come on, Mr. President, get out on the dance floor!

EDIT: Since the writing of this blog, the Obama administration has installed solar panels on the White House roof and we at EnergySage applaud this move!

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