Is Biggest Best? How the Size of Your Solar Installer Impacts Your Project

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The solar market is booming, and so is the number of solar installers! Here at EnergySage we get asked all the time how the size of your installer impacts your project. From the financing options available to you, to the type of equipment on hand, the size of the company doing your installation can impact your project.

Local Solar Installers

Size: Local or semi regional coverage

Examples: Sunlight, Earthlight, Solar Union

Why They’re Great:

  • Great at giving personal attention
  • Strong local ties, local economic impact
  • Access to top shelf equipment
  • Potentially lower prices if you want to buy a system
  • Access to loans

Local installers usually serve a smaller area. They have strong ties to the communities they serve. The executive team is more likely to be able to give you personal attention. If a lot of interaction with your installer is something you value, consider using a smaller installer.

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For smaller installers, it’s most lucrative if clients buys their system. To help promote this option, many local installers have access to loan programs that can help you go solar. (There are different kinds of loans too, make sure you find the one that’s right for you.)   Buying your system also allows all the benefits and savings of solar to come directly to you.

Local installers who are slightly larger have been able to build up a reputation. They generally have been in operation for a while and have expanded from a small company. This longevity means that you’ll be able to count on them to service your system for the term of the warrantee. Because they generally don’t deal in bulk, small and medium sized companies are more able to offer their clients higher performance equipment. If your solar plan calls for the top of the line technology, going with a small or medium sized company might be best.

Large Solar Installers

Size: Multi-State Coverage

Examples:  SolarCity, SunRun, NRG, Vivint Solar,

Why They’re Great:

Using a large installer gives you the security of working with a recognized brand. Companies of this size are usually multi-state in operations, and are well established.

Because of their size, these companies can offer leases to their customers. This is generally the company’s preferred financing arrangement, and you’ll find they strongly encourage it. If you don’t mind not reaping the full financial benefit of going solar, leasing a system from one of these large companies might be the solar solution for you.

Whichever size of solar installation company you use, be sure to research them all first. EnergySage can help by getting quotes for you from all sizes of companies, quickly and easily.


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  1. James Johnson

    How do the following companies rank on your scale of small, medium, and large?

    1. Solar Energy of Minnesota
    2. Solarized
    3. All Energy Solar

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