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What are typical Tesla car prices? Model S, Model X crossover and Model 3 costs explained

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The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) industry is poised for further success in 2019 after a massive year of growth in 2018. There’s no one single reason for the uptick in EV sales in America – states like California are requiring car dealers to offer electric car options, costs are coming down, battery technology is improving, and manufacturers are inventing stylish new designs for the modern-day electric car.

One of the biggest driving forces behind the surge in EV popularity comes back to a familiar household name: Tesla. The massive carmaker has three vehicle products on the market: the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, and the Tesla Model 3. Thanks to the consistent hype and rising attention around the world’s only full-scale clean energy corporation, many are wondering: what does a Tesla actually cost? In this article, we’ll explain the breakdown for Tesla car prices in terms of its different EV products and how you should go about comparing them.

How much does a Tesla car cost?

The current Tesla car line (Model S, Model X, Model 3) ranges in cost from $35,000 – $124,000 before tax incentives for electric cars. The cost of Tesla’s Model 3 (rolled out en masse at the end of 2018) has reached its promised sticker price of $35,000 after several months of higher prices and sequential price step-downs.

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tesla electric car and solar

How much does a Tesla Model 3 cost?

Tesla’s newest car, the Model 3, is their most affordable line of vehicles. With the base model selling for $35,000, this car is Tesla’s first attempt at a true mass-market electric car that will appeal to automobile shoppers of all budgets. The Model 3 comes in five versions: the Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range, Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range Plus, Rear-Wheel Drive Long Range, All-Wheel Drive Long Range, and All-Wheel Drive Performance.

Tesla Model 3 product line: price range, and top speed

Tesla Model 3 productBase price (before tax credits)Range of distance (miles)Top speed (MPH)
Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range$35,000220130
Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range Plus$37,500240140
Rear-Wheel Drive Long Range$44,500325140
All-Wheel Drive Long Range$48,500310145
All-Wheel Drive Performance$59,500310162

The Model 3 has quickly become one of the most talked-about and popular electric cars available due to its unique combination of performance and affordability. The newly revealed and upcoming Tesla Model Y is supposed to share the majority of its parts with the Model 3, so expect more from where this groundbreaking car came from.

How much does a Tesla Model S cost?

When wondering what the Model S will cost you, the answer depends on the model you buy and the tax credits available. The Tesla Model S (pictured above) comes at a starting price of $85,000 in 2019. The Tesla Model S is offered in 3 variations based on how much electric charge the car holds and how fast it can accelerate (and consequently, how far it can travel): Model S Long Range, Model S Performance, and Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode.

Tesla Model S product line: price, range and top speed

Tesla Model S ProductBase Price (before tax credits)Range of Distance (miles)Top Speed (MPH)
Model S Long Range$85,000335155
Model S Performance$99,000315155
Model S Performance w/ Ludicrous Mode$119,000315155

Though it is well known as one of the leading EVs available, the Model S is also a popular sports car, with top speeds to match. The difference in the upgrade between a Performance and Performance w/ Ludicrous Mode Model S, for example, is merely the acceleration capacity of the vehicle.

The Performance line will always have a faster 0-to-60 miles per hour acceleration and overall faster top speed, but it does not have a longer range overall in terms of miles traveled. Similar to Apple’s product release strategy with its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S pairings, the Performance models are meant to provide a slight product upgrade for the true Tesla fanatic.

How much does a Tesla Model X cost?

For most Tesla fanatics, the primary interest has long been around the company’s Model S sedan. That changed at the end of 2015 when Tesla released its hugely anticipated SUV offering, the Tesla Model X. The Model X starts at a base price of $88,000 and has 3 product offerings: Model X Long Range, Model X Performance, and Model X Performance with Ludicrous Mode

Tesla Model X product line: price, range and top speed

Tesla Model X productBase price (before tax credits)Range of distance (miles)Top speed
Model X Long Range$89,500295155
Model X Performance$104,000289155
Model X Performance w/ Ludicrous Mode$124,000289155

Though the Model X is often marketed as an electric SUV, its size more closely resembles a compact crossover such as a Subaru Forrester or Toyota Corolla. Nevertheless, the Model X seats 7 and boasts a 0-to-60 mph acceleration of 2.8 seconds in its Ludicrous Mode model – an unprecedented feat in the EV industry. Generally known as the Tesla Crossover, the Model X is the fastest sport utility vehicle in the automobile industry.

tesla model x falcon doors

The Model X offers falcon wing doors and seats 7 people

Tesla cars, EV incentives, and tax breaks

Update for January 2019: At the end of 2018, the full $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla electric vehicles was cut in half to $3,750, and it will be dropped again to $1,875 in the second half of 2019. This is because Tesla reached the threshold of 200,000 EVs sold in July of 2018, triggering a phase-out period of time for the tax credit.

In the world of electric vehicles, it is important to understand your eligibility for tax credits. To begin with, the Federal tax credit for electric vehicles offers a rebate of up to $7,500 on your electric vehicle purchase. However, this incentive is only available for the first 200,000 cars manufactured by a particular car maker, and it’s entirely dependent on the amount of income tax you pay each year.

Due to the big price tag for a Tesla car, many Tesla buyers have seen the complete value of this federal incentive when they get their Tesla, but it should be specified that you will need to be paying at least $7,500 in income tax to cash in on the entire rebate.

Beyond the federal tax incentive, there are many state-specific incentives as well to explore depending on where you live. Some states like California, Maryland and Colorado offer cash incentives or credits. Others offer non-cash incentives like indefinite carpool access and free tolls. Regardless, there’s a good chance that the price tag for your Tesla car will be significantly reduced once you factor in credits and incentives.

tesla electric car and solar


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  1. Andrew Bailey

    This EV revolution is quite amazing! I’m sure in 20 years time all cars will be electric, they are most definitely the future, and as time passes and there are many more on the worlds roads, then like all new technologies the costs of these EVs will fall dramatically. World wide it will make a huge differance to our air quality, and lessen this green house effect. But when everyone has an electric car, to cope with the demand there will have to be a lot more power stations built to cope with the demand. With the worlds economies being based on the price of barrels of oil, there must be a radical rethink as to how the whole infrastructure will work. It’s gonna be very interesting to see just ow this all pans out.

  2. Ray Knight

    They should be pushing the cost of driving one of these, especially with Canadians. In Langley, British Columbia it costs on average $250 gas for driving, a week. That works out to $1050 a month. That means that driving for a week costs about the same as a loan to purchase it.
    -Ray Knight, first person to set an electric vehicle world record drag racing out side of the US, now has aphasia.

  3. Alex Romanov

    “This EV revolution is quite amazing! I’m sure in 20 years time all cars will be electric, they are most definitely the future, and as time passes and there are many more on the worlds roads, then like all new technologies the costs of these EVs will fall dramatically”

    The more this cars are bought the less attractive they become at least with current technology. Right now every day more and more stations with a rapid charger are appearing while the car penetration is not increasing all that much. Waiting 20 minutes, I believe that it is the minimum to get a decent recharge at a fast charging station. is ok although still a hell of a lot longer then normal car. But if this car became the norm rather then exception the lines will be massive unless the charging becomes faster. Although I guess we can go for 2 car solution 1 for going to work daily assuming overnight charge is enough to go there and back and one for long distance travel.

  4. Eric Yosarrion

    Better info would be the ACTUAL average price paid to buy a specific model.
    Also Tesla cars have been rated the absolute HIGHEST 10 year cost of ownership over any major car maker.
    Just check the resale prices on these wallet-emptying turkeys,

  5. Nathan Sanzif

    yes, please check the resale value of teslas they are very very strong in the secondary market. Anyone can and should quickly google this info themselves and see the amazing resale strength. Change the world get pushback…expected i guess, but the change is inevitable, its a vastly superior auto.

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