Guest post guidelines

At EnergySage, we write and maintain a consumer-facing blog that helps educate shoppers about all things solar and energy-related. While the content on our website is primarily written in-house, there are occasional opportunities for industry experts outside of our walls to submit an article or contribute with a guest post.

Why write for EnergySage?

EnergySage is the most trafficked website in the solar industry, reaching million upon millions of solar shoppers per year. We are the consumers’ go-to, trusted advisor for all things solar and home energy-related. Writing for EnergySage provides thought leaders with a large platform to have their voices heard!

If you are interested in lending your voice and insight to the leading consumer blog in the solar industry, we ask you to please adhere to the following guidelines:

Content guidelines

EnergySage’s primary goal is to provide consumers with unbiased, independent and educational information. We provide value to consumers as well as solar installers, manufacturers, lenders, community solar developers, and other service providers (ex. O&M, insurance) by providing the knowledge necessary for homeowners to make smarter energy decisions. Our primary audience is a residential or commercial property owner. Our goal is to provide these prospective buyers with a comprehensive, objective guide for fact-based and well-informed decision making.

We accept original content that is educational, relevant to our audience, complementary to our existing content, and adds a new area of expertise or perspective. If you have an idea, please feel free to shoot us an email and let us know the details at!

Please note that we do not accept the following types of contributed content:

  • previously published content
  • pieces that duplicate content already published on our site
  • promotional posts for your company or affiliates
  • insufficiently researched or inaccurate posts

Please submit posts between 700-1000 words that are similar to the format and tone of voice found elsewhere on our site. EnergySage will review the post and reply within two weeks to inform you whether or not we plan to publish the piece.

Linking policy

EnergySage will allow for one link to the author’s bio page to establish their expertise and credibility. This link is generally to a LinkedIn profile, but could be to a personal website. Given that we expect well-researched content, successful submissions should also be well cited. As such, we strongly encourage that all other links in the article are to governmental (.gov) or educational (.edu) websites.

Any links to commercial (.com) websites or similar will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. EnergySage reserves the right to remove any or all links if desired. Please do not include referral or affiliate links.

What to expect if selected

If you successfully submit a guest post to EnergySage, we will work with you to determine when best to publish your piece of content. We will edit the piece internally and provide those edits to you prior to publishing your post. We often promote our articles to our consumer networks via email marketing and social media. In order to best promote the piece once published, we ask you to widely share the piece with your network, too. Please do not repost the piece to your own blog or independently on LinkedIn. Please note that EnergySage reserves the right to insert calls-to-action to EnergySage content and tools within all written content.