Fun Reads For Going Solar

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Solar panels increase home valueThe EnergySage Solar Advisor team has put together some of their favorite ‘intro to solar’ articles. Win your next dinner party with these fun reads that will boost your solar I.Q.!

The sun is warm and bright, but how exactly does it work?

The National Air and Space Administration (NASA) has a great answer. The band They Might Be Giants wrote a song answering that question. While it’s catchy, they had to go back and correct it a few years later.

Where do organic solar cells come from?

Bell Labs did much much more than just work on telephones, in 1954 they produced a working solar cell that they used to power a tiny ferris wheel and a radio! This article is an excerpt from Let It Shinean exhaustive look at solar energy. It focuses on the work that lead to the first solar cell and how the Bell Labs scientists created it.

That’s cool, but how do they work?

Good question, for that we’ll turn back to NASA for a through answer that gets into all the technical questions.

So what happens next, what’s the possible future of solar energy?

One possibility is harvesting solar power in space! We’re not kidding! The United States Department of Energy thinks it’s a cool and viable option. 

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