videos about going solar

Four videos about the benefits of solar energy

Do you need to convince a naysayer about why they should go solar? Here are four videos you can pass on to inform friends about some of the important benefits of solar panel systems.

What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

Most people know that solar is an environmentally-friendly energy choice, but why is that? This video goes over the many environmental benefits of solar panels, from generating emissions-free electricity to the low impact of harnessing solar power:

Understanding solar incentives

There are several different types of solar incentives available to homeowners purchasing solar panel systems; importantly, the specific incentives you’re eligible for vary depending on your state, utility company, and more. This video gives an overview of the three major types of solar incentives, and how each helps you save:

How the solar tax credit works

Speaking of incentives, perhaps the most advantageous solar incentives is the federal investment tax credit (ITC), available to homeowners who purchase a solar panel system. Currently, the ITC allows you to claim 30 percent of your solar panel system costs as a credit come tax season. However, the ITC is stepping down to 26 percent in 2020, before expiring altogether in 2022. This video goes over how the tax credit works, and how you can benefit:

5 reasons to install solar panels today

If environmental benefits, solar incentives, and the federal ITC aren’t reason enough to install a solar panel system, here’s a final video that covers some of the other top benefits of solar power:

Find more videos on EnergySage’s YouTube channel

We only feature four videos here, but there are more videos available to watch! Check out EnergySage’s YouTube channel to learn about the different types of solar inverters, how to evaluate solar equipment quality, the top myths about solar, and more. And if you’re considering switching to solar power and want to receive quotes from pre-screened, local installers, sign up for the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.