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ES_solar_roundup_blog2Sometimes it feels like news moves at the speed of light! Here’s a round up of Solar energy news for the week of July 20th, 2015. 
Solar Giant SunEdison Buys Vivint Solar for 2.2 Billion

SunEdison Inc., (Belmont, CA), announced on Monday that they would purchase one of the largest U.S. residential and commercial solar developers, Vivint Solar, in a $2.2 billion deal. In partnership with SunEdison’s yieldco TerraForm Power, the two corporations have already acquired numerous wind companies in the past quarter. The announcement of the merger increased shares of both Vivint Solar and SolarCity by 45 percent and 8.4 percent, respectively. Furthermore, industry analysts expect this deal to accelerate the success of the U.S. residential market.

 Big Isn’t Always Better: The Added Value of Residential Solar

In response to a recently released study, prepared by the Brattle Group for First Solar and funded by the Edison Electric Institute, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance questioned the report’s assertion that large-scale solar is more cost-effective than small-scale. Citing numerous studies and findings, the article illustrates the economic and grid benefits of distributed solar (such as avoided transmission losses) that are not found in utility-scale solar. The latest Navigant Research report also predicts distributed solar PV to become “cost-competitive with retail electricity prices” by 2020.

 More Efficient Solar Power Systems Now Accessible for NJ Homeowners

SunPower Corp. and Dominion Energy Solutions announced they would collaborate to offer New Jersey homeowners “high-performance SunPower solar power systems.” New Jersey is one of the fastest growing American solar markets, and Dominion expects to release the program details to the public this summer.

 Sunrun Sets Terms for $309 million IPO

Last month, the nation’s third largest residential solar provider, Sunrun Inc., filed the initial paperwork to move toward an initial public offering (IPO) . This week, Sunrun revealed the terms behind its IPO, which could raise up to US$309 million.

Your Weekend Solar Reading

Vox discusses changes necessary to improve flexibility in grids and to accelerate the integration of wind and solar into the grid’s energy mix. The Takeaway: modify outdated grid rules!

Cleantechnica examines the challenges behind modernizing our energy infrastructure and accommodating for the “increased penetration of intermittent solar and wind power.” The Takeaway: now is the time for energy innovations!

Greentech Media surveys California’s energy storage policy landscape and its affect on battery-backed distributed solar. The Takeaway: opportunities outweigh uncertainties!



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