EnergySage is helping Organizations With Custom Solar Programs

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partnership-programSustainability is becoming more and more important, not just to organizations whose missions are focused on it, but also to corporations, non-profits, cities and towns that increasingly feel a social responsibility to embrace it in their own operations.

All of this is great news, but what’s even better news is that sustainability isn’t just part of how they operate; it’s becoming part of their culture. More and more organizations are looking beyond their own operations to offer their employees, residents, ratepayers or members turn-key solutions for adopting sustainable practices in their homes or businesses.

This includes helping them to adopt solar panel systems and other clean and high efficiency energy systems. And, as always, EnergySage is there to help make shopping for solar photovoltaic systems as easy as possible.

Tremendous information, multiple quotes, expert solar advice

Many organizations are using EnergySage as the platform for their solar power programs because it offers their constituents tremendous choice in securing the right system, at the right price, with the right financing method for their particular needs. Unlike group-buying programs that negotiate reduced rates for a single or limited number of solutions, EnergySage’s program delivers a myriad of options specifically tailored to each individual participant. Of course, participants benefit from access to all of the EnergySage features and resources, such as in-depth, comprehensive information, profiles of installers, manufactures and financiers, and expert advice.

For each partner organization, EnergySage creates a free, customized web page(s). Participants access the program through this page which provides them with information about their specific program while enabling the organization to track participation rates and conduct real time reporting on the cumulative financial and environmental benefits accrued through their program.

Transparency of Comparison Solar Shopping

Participants see the EnergySage program as a valuable benefit. They’re excited about participating in their organization’s sustainability efforts and they appreciate the simplicity, choice and transparency of EnergySage’s comparison shopping platform. While sustainability is at the heart of these programs, participants also enjoy the tremendous financial benefits that come with installing solar power systems.

Walgreens, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments are a few of the organizations already using the EnergySage Solar Marketplace as the foundation for solar programs for their own constituents. Organizations that are interested in creating similar, customized programs for their own constituents can contact to learn more!


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  1. Team Energy

    Love the transparency on Energy Sage’s part. There’s not a lot of it in the energy industry but it has improved over the years. Keep up the great work!

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