Could the NFL Be Leading the Way in Renewable Energy?

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There’s no doubt about it, the NFL is definitely big business and like every other business, it’s looking to control costs. As vocal advocates of the economics of clean energy, we aren’t surprised that many NFL franchises are turning to renewables to get the job done.

Washington Redskins, NFL Lead Solar Push

Recently, The Washington Redskins announced that they are installing more than 8,000 solar panels that will reduce their stadium’s energy consumption by 15%. While there are definite environmental benefits to this move, it’s a good bet that this is an economic play given that Redskins Owner Dan Snyder isn’t famous for his tree-hugging.

But the Redskins aren’t the only ones working to make solar energy a stadium staple. The Philadelphia Eagles are installing solar along with wind turbines, and bio-fuel systems at Lincoln Financial Field that are expected to generate power in excess of the stadium’s daily power needs. Likewise, the Seattle Seahawks expect to cut energy costs at CenturyLink Field by 21% following the completion of a 2.5 acre solar array. Many teams (the Eagles, Patriots, and Jets) already use solar at their practice facilities.

We couldn’t be happier about these developments. Recently, we blogged about how renewables will need to be seen as part of the culture before they can truly go mainstream. It’s a matter of exposure and, with an annual attendance of more than 34 million fans, we think the NFL is doing its part to spread the word.

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