comcast sunrun partnership explained by EnergySage

Comcast & solar: Sunrun partnership explained

As the cost of solar continues to fall and the financial and environmental benefits of solar PV grow, more organizations are collaborating to provide reasonably priced solar options to homeowners. For example, National Grid recently announced that it is partnering with EnergySage to offer a solar marketplace option to its Rhode Island customers. Recently, Comcast also announced a partnership: the cable company will offer a discounted solar option to its customers through an exclusive partnership with Sunrun. Find out more about what the Comcast solar offer means for you.

Comcast solar partnership with Sunrun gives discounts to customers

So how does Comcast’s solar program work? The cable giant has partnered with Sunrun, a residential solar installer, to offer home solar panel systems to Comcast customers in select areas in Comcast’s service territory. (Sunrun currently operates in 22 states across the country.) While the Comcast-Sunrun partnership has been active for many year, the company announced an expansion of the program in August 2017.

Active Comcast customer can sign up with Sunrun for a solar system installation, which could include customer-owned systems or a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). In a solar lease or PPA, Sunrun installs a solar panel system on the customer’s roof, and in exchange, the customer must pay either a fixed monthly rate (in the case of a solar lease) or a fixed per-kilowatt hour rate (in the case of a PPA) for 20 years. In both cases, the rate of payment to Sunrun will increase by a fixed amount each year. Typically, that increase is around three percent, which will theoretically be lower than the growth of utility electricity rates.

Compare your Comcast-Sunrun solar offer to other offers on EnergySage

You wouldn’t buy the first car you found on the dealership lot, would you? The same is true for solar. Before you sign on the dotted line with Comcast-Sunrun, be sure to review multiple solar options for your home. When you use a comparison-shopping approach to go solar, you can feel confident that you’ve reviewed all of the relevant information before making your solar decision.

compare Comcast Sunrun quote table on EnergySage
Use EnergySage’s quote comparison table to understand all of your solar equipment and financing options ensures you get the best deal possible.

You can receive free, no-obligation quotes from multiple solar companies in your local area when you join the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. One-third of EnergySage solar shoppers join with a quote in hand, many from Sunrun, and compare it to 3+ new solar offers they get on EnergySage. Use EnergySage’s easy side-by-side comparison tables to better understand the financial benefits of various solar financing options (like low-interest $0-down solar loans), and be certain you’re maximizing your 20-year solar savings. EnergySage’s Solar Advisors are also standing by to answer all your questions about the offers you’ve received from Sunrun and any other solar installers.

By comparing your solar options – including your Comcast Sunrun solar offer – you can be confident that your solar energy system is an investment worth making. Get started on the Marketplace today!

8 thoughts on “Comcast & solar: Sunrun partnership explained

  1. Jack

    I surely did not authorize “Concast” to give my cell phone number to telemarketers. Don’t have a local office to go to to complain so I will need too call. I asked the woman if she was a Concast employee three times before she finally said no. I then told her I am not happy they called me and more than unhappy Concast gave my phone number to anybody without authorization.

  2. Phil Desbien

    Sunrun is the biggest rip off since Comcast. I had a Sunrun evaluation of my house for solar. I projected that I would need 16 X 300 watt mono panels with correct orientation to achieve 5 kw/month of electricity. Sun run would put 27 panels on my roof to achieve the same wattage. My roof does not face south so they simply add more panels at a total estimated cost of $40,000. That amount of money can never be amortized with my usage of $1400.00 per year. Bad business!

  3. Chris Townsend

    Love how Comcast is giving my number to telemarketers!! If I wanted solar, I would research it first. Don’t need more annoying Telemarketers calling me. Thanks Comcast!

  4. susan hoague

    Under Comcast & Solar Partnership, can a home owner BUY their own panels, get a comparison price estimate, and have them installed like any other vendor? Or do they have to sign a lease agreement?

    If they can BUY their own panels, is Comcast involved or just SUNRUN?

    I guess I do not understand Comcast’s involvement if a home owner want to BUY their own panels.

  5. Diana Long

    I went with Sunrun Solar based on a salesmans claim that I would be receiving $600 in gift cards from Xfinifty. The cards should show up 2 months after my service was started. $150 each month for 4 months. I had hoped to be using part of for my grandkids Xmas gifts. System went on line 8/3/16, as of today 11/11/16 no cards have show up. I have emailed the salesman and called Xfinifty, but so for no luck or response. Still hopeful that the cards will show up.

    On a better note, my PG&E bill for electric is negative so far. This will change in the winter I am sure. Wish I had done this a long time ago!


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