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Best affordable solar panels

In order to really cash in on solar power, you may be looking for the cheapest solar panels available. And sure, when you install solar on your home or business, you can save thousands on your electricity bills. But going solar isn’t automatically cheap: buying solar panels to install on your roof typically costs thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder that the cost of solar is among the most important considerations for today’s homeowners. If you’re thinking about going solar and worried about prices, you’re probably wondering: what are the best value solar panels, and will solar get even cheaper?

Key takeaways

  • Cheap solar panels vary in quality: usually, a higher price reflects a higher efficiency rating and therefore higher quality. 
  • Polycrystalline solar panels are typically cheaper than monocrystalline panels. 
  • Your payback period may be longer if you shop for solar panels with the lowest price tag. 
  • Solar shoppers should use the EnergySage Marketplace to browse for solar panels based on price, efficiency, brand, quality, and more. 

What’s in this article?

Top cheap solar panel manufacturers

These five solar manufacturers are widely considered to be the best in the market because they make solar panels with top efficiency ratings, without sacrificing affordability. You can use the EnergySage Marketplace to learn more about cheap solar panel pricing. Price per watt is one of the main criteria to look at here along with efficiency which will determine how effective the solar panels are. Here’s a breakdown of each company’s price-per watt.

Cheap solar panel manufacturers

 SunpowerLG Solar Panasonic RECTesla
Price per watt $3.14 to $3.56$2.37 to $3.13$2.40 to $3.02$2.50 to $3.42$1.84 to $2.44
Warranty info25 years25 years25 years20 years10 years
Efficiency range20.1% to 22.8%18.4% to 22.1%19.1% to 21.7%16.5% to 21.9%20%
Brand infoSunpower panels are known as some of the most efficient on the market.

LG solar panels are very high quality but in 2022, they announced they would no longer be manufacturing their own panels.Panasonic solar panels are known as some of the most efficient. They also have the customer service benefits of a large brand.REC is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in Europe and is growing their offerings in the US.Tesla is a large company with an exciting amount of panels, but is known for less than ideal customer service.

Cheap solar panels for sale: where can you find them and are they any good?

If you’re wondering where to get cheap solar panels, there are a number of ways to evaluate the expense of solar based on location. Chinese solar panels are known for being some of the least expensive in the world, but products from Germany and the U.S. aren’t far behind. All have solar brands that offer world record performance.

In the United States, some of the cheapest solar panels per watt as of 2022 are Astronergy’s $250 panel, which works out to about $0.70 per watt. American-owned Heliene, which also has a $250 panel with one of the cheapest prices per watt at $0.80. Price per watt can vary by location as well: certain markets like California and Texas tend to have more efficient, or the cheapest, solar panels compared to many other areas. Regardless of your zip code, if you do the research and spend some time working with your installer it’s possible to find a relatively cheap solar offer anywhere in the United States.

It is worth noting that cheaper solar panels may vary in quality when compared to more expensive options. This is especially true when considering long term costs vs. upfront costs. Buyers can often save money by opting to spend more money initially for a product that will last longer, instead of purchasing a less expensive product that may need repairs or replacing. However, there are many products that are affordable and still provide good value for customers who value economy over other selling points. 

In 2022, the average price for a solar power system is around $2.77 per watt. There’s no doubt that, regardless of how you finance your solar panel system, going solar will be an economical process with strong returns. However, if you know where to look and compare all of your options ahead of time, you can bring the costs of your solar power installation down even lower.

With these solar energy prices in mind, here are the key takeaways from our pricing data:

  • You can find inexpensive solar power no matter where you live. Solar shoppers in California, Massachusetts, and everywhere in between have successfully found low- cost solar options for their homes.
  • There are many affordable solar panel and inverter types.  You don’t have to choose between only two brands to get the best value solar cell or price per watt, which is great news.
  • A bigger solar panel system means a better solar bargain. While many solar panel systems are around 6 kilowatts (kW) in size, many solar panel deals have 10kW systems or larger – that’s pretty big!

For more information about the average cost to go solar in different states across the U.S., compare prices and installers across the country for 3 kW3.5 kW, 4 kW4.5 kW5 kW6kW, 7 kW8 kW and 10kW solar systems.

If you want to find cheap solar panels on the market in your state, get started by joining the EnergySage Solar Marketplace today. With EnergySage, you can compare multiple offers from qualified solar companies to find the best solar panel deals for your home. 

Will solar panels get cheaper? What to expect for solar energy prices

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2020 solar was the cheapest electricity source in history. Solar energy prices have followed a downward slope similar to those of most other renewable energy sources, and as technology improves and solar energy becomes more accessible, the prices will drop further. The Department of Energy is aiming to cut solar energy costs by 60 percent in the next ten years by providing $128 million in funding to research and development efforts aimed at making solar more efficient, deployable, and affordable for people across demographics.. 

With all of this in mind, finding the lowest possible price tag for your solar panel installation might sound like the best way to save money when you go solar. However, cutting your purchase price is only one way to maximize the cash back in your pocket. You could make your purchase entirely focused on cutting costs in the short term but the payback period of your solar panel system might take twice as long and your panels may never earn the return you expected.

Long-term benefits outweigh high upfront costs

While cheap solar panels and DIY solar panel kits can be a good value, they don’t always save you the most money over the long term. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think about long-term value rather than just searching for the most discounted solar price and installation. At the end of the day, solar is about long-term sustainable savings and not about finding a “steal.”

Solar is a big investment: if you want to maximize your long-term solar savings, it’s important to take this into consideration. Not all solar panels are created equal – a more expensive panel might have a better warranty or be able to generate more electricity than a low-cost option. You may hear suggestions to order the cheapest solar cells available on sites like eBay but in taking that approach, you will lose out on quality. The real benefit of solar energy lies in its ability to convert sunlight into available power effectively. 

Luckily, you don’t need to pay serious cash out of pocket to get the best solar panel deal. With most solar loans today, you don’t have to pay any money down. In many cases, your new monthly solar loan payments will be lower than your old electricity bill costs, so you’ll start seeing the financial benefits of solar as soon as you install. Here’s some advice for the modern day solar shopper:

Frequently asked questions about cheap solar panels

What is the cheapest price for solar panels?

In the United States, some of the cheapest solar panels per watt in 2021 was Astronergy’s $250 panel, which works out to about $0.70 per watt.

Which solar company is the cheapest?

Astronergy manufactures some of the cheapest widely available panels.

Can solar panels be cheap?

Solar energy is among the cheapest forms of renewable energy available due to the variety of rebates and incentives available.

How much is a 1 panel of solar?

Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Massachusetts ranges in cost from $13,132 to $17,768.

Find your perfect solar panel system on EnergySage

As with any big purchase, homeowners should always take price into consideration when they’re deciding which solar system they should install. With the price of solar continuing to decline, cheap solar panels are becoming more and more available. But along with price, solar shoppers should compare all of their options in terms of quality, power output, warranty, and brand to decide if cheap solar panels are right for them. The best place to get started? Register for free on the EnergySage Marketplace today to start comparing your solar options.

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