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Do Not Shop for Solar Power Without EnergySage

Reading Time: 4 minutes

BIDDINGNothing has done more to empower consumers than the internet. It’s dramatically changed the way we shop by giving us access to more information and more options.

Today, consumers use websites such as Amazon and Expedia that make it easy to get the information needed to comparison shop for almost anything, ensuring that they always get the best deal for the best quality products.

To effectively shop for solar panel systems, consumers should apply the same principles. To get the solar PV system, price and financing option that perfectly suits your needs, EnergySage recommends securing multiple quotes from a range of installers.

Even if you’ve already gotten a quote, you still should get some additional quotes so that you will have multiple options from which to choose. Having more options will allow you to base your purchase decision on the criteria that matter most to you. Additionally, more quotes also means more competition which is always better for consumers. Continue reading

Could the NFL Be Leading the Way in Renewable Energy?

Reading Time: 1 minute

There’s no doubt about it, the NFL is definitely big business and like every other business, it’s looking to control costs. As vocal advocates of the economics of clean energy, we aren’t surprised that many NFL franchises are turning to renewables to get the job done. Continue reading