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solar panels for schools

Solar panels for schools: how much are the costs and benefits of solar for k-12s and universities?

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As solar has entered the mainstream in the past decade, corporations and institutions with massive energy bills have started to realize how much money they can save by switching to solar power. There’s already a strong case for residential rooftop solar, but you can make an even more convincing argument for solar in the commercial sector where prices are lower and overall savings can be dramatic. In this article, we’ll focus on schools and universities, explain why many educational institutions across the country are installing solar, how much solar costs for schools and detail how the process works.

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solar for nonprofits

Solar for nonprofit organizations: benefits, financing, and how to get started

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The number of properties with rooftop solar panels is increasing day by day, and it isn’t just homeowners who are installing solar panels to offset their own electricity bill. Businesses as small as your local general store and as large as Google have installed solar on-site to decrease overhead costs and promote corporate social responsibility. Now, nonprofit organizations are starting to explore their solar options as well.

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solar for churches

Solar panels for churches: How congregations benefit from solar

Reading Time: 8 minutesIn the age of clean energy and efficient building design, most if not all locations can benefit from solar energy, and holy buildings such as churches, mosques and synagogues are certainly one of them. In this article, we’ll explain why congregations of all faiths should consider installing on their community’s church.
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