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Case study: EnergySage solar installers share what they’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic

The new reality of ‘remote selling’ is driving solar companies across the country to reevaluate their sales efforts and how they engage with potential customers. Consumer shopping behavior is changing quickly and is shifting to online platforms faster than ever as COVID-19 challenges traditional sales channels. 

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Highlights from the tenth EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report

Last month, EnergySage released our tenth Solar Marketplace Intel Report. The free, publicly available report provides insight into the state of the solar market nationwide and at the state level through the end of 2019. While this particular report showcases entirely data from prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the look at 2019 solar data demonstrates the strength of the industry heading into the nationwide shutdowns. A few key takeaways from the report are outlined below, and we look forward to your analysis and feedback on the report. 

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distributed generation

What is distributed power? The parallels between distributed energy and cell phones

In 1994, only 10% of Americans had a cell phone. And yet, in 15 short years, more Americans had cell phones than landlines. While the rapid adoption of mobile phones can’t be attributed to a single factor, there is one major parallel between the transition from landlines to smart phones and what’s actively happening today in the electricity industry: the transition from a centralized system to a distributed (or decentralized) network.

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The best EnergySage videos of 2019

Finding the right solar solution can be difficult, and there are a lot of questions to address before putting panels on your roof. To help you save time in your solar research, EnergySage created quick videos to answer the most important solar questions in under three minutes.

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top energysage articles of 2019

The best of EnergySage in 2019

2019 was a big year for the U.S. solar industry: the country surpassed 2 million solar installations early in the year, California celebrated 1 million rooftops with solar this December, and in between the cost of solar reached historic lows. It was a year in which interest in solar–and energy storage–soared nationwide, but especially in wildfire-torn California.

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solar shines on the hill SEIA

Solar Shines on the Hill Day 2019: Recap

This week, I had the opportunity to join the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for their Solar Shines on the Hill Day.  The event is a great opportunity to show up in force in Washington DC in support of the solar industry, talking about how the solar jobs that exist throughout the country, and the financial and environmental benefits that home- and business-owners experience from solar in every state. Here’s a quick recap of what we spoke about and what we learned. 

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