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electricity bill savings

5 tips to lower your electric bill

Electricity prices are constantly rising and finding ways to lower your electric bill can save you an impressive amount of money on energy costs in the long run. In this article, we’ll suggest five key energy-saving tips to cut your electricity bill and see instant monthly savings – whether you rent or own your home – through day-to-day changes, energy-efficient products, and larger home upgrades.

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Love Energy Savings

Five simple ways to teach younger children how to save energy (and money!) around the home

The combination of rapidly climbing electricity and gas costs and the increased cost of living have created a perfect storm for parents, leaving many with the necessary but somewhat imposing task of educating their children about energy – and most importantly, how to save it.

It’s not always easy to know how to teach children about the topic in an engaging, fun and light-hearted way. So, Love Energy Savings, a UK-based company that allows businesses and homeowners to compare energy suppliers, has compiled a list of five simple ways you can educate your children on energy savings:

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lumin complete review

An overview of Lumin’s energy management system

When thinking about installing a solar or a solar-plus-storage system at your home or business, there’s one piece of information that is of the utmost importance: how much electricity do you use, and which of your home appliances use that electricity. That’s exactly where Lumin can help: the three-year-old, Charlottesville, Virginia-based company is joining the relatively nascent field of creating smart circuits, allowing you to dynamically choose or automate what to power with your solar and storage, which is especially useful in the event of an outage.

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Understanding Mass Save and the HEAT Loan

The Sponsors of Mass Save implement energy efficiency programs aimed to help Massachusetts residents save money and energy through energy efficiency. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about the Mass Save HEAT Loan, a financing option that makes it easier and more affordable to make energy-efficient upgrades. We’ll discuss how you can apply for the loan and common questions about how it works.

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Mass Save 2022: getting an energy assessment in MA

The Mass Save energy assessment program is Massachusetts’ all-encompassing energy efficiency program which is sponsored by both your electric utility and energy efficiency providers. The program is available to renters, homeowners, and businesses across Massachusetts. Here’s the complete breakdown of all the different measures you can take to reduce your energy use and utility bills through the Mass Save program in 2022.

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Electricity costs by state

How much does electricity cost by state?

There’s a lot that goes into your electric bill you pay each month, and the baseline is out of your control: your electric rate. An electric rate is a cost per unit of electricity you buy from your utility, and these rates can differ significantly based on where in the U.S. you live. In this article, we’ll take a look at what electricity costs in states across the U.S.

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what appliances use the most energy

What appliances use the most energy?

Not all appliances are made equal. Although every appliance in your home consumes energy, utilizing each one will have a different impact on your monthly electricity bill. Understanding which of your appliances use the most energy, as well as when they’re pulling power from the grid, can help you save substantially on your monthly utility bills.

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how electric meters work

How do electric meters work?

Unless you live in an off-grid home, you have an electric meter. Your electric meter tells your utility how much electricity you’ve used over a given time period so that they know how much to charge you on your monthly bill. There are a few different types of electric meters, all of which function in slightly different ways, including net meters that work for solar homes. In this article, we’ll break down the different types of meters, how they work, and why you should care what kind of electric meter you have. 

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