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Articles concerning the pricing of solar and the economic benefits of going solar.

House value

Do solar panels increase home value?

When you make improvements to your home, it’s smart to take into consideration how they will impact your home’s value. The conventional wisdom from HGTV and home improvement magazines is that updating your kitchen, renovating your bathroom, or building an addition are the smartest ways to increase the value of your property. But there’s another home improvement that you may not realize adds to your property’s value: installing a solar energy system on your roof.

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how many watts peloton

How many watts does a Peloton exercise bike use?

Peloton is all the rage, and home exercise equipment in general is more popular than ever. Their exercise bikes are more or less unique on the market in that they actually consume energy, which powers the large touchscreen on the front, where you watch and participate in classes. While not nearly as power-hungry as appliances like air conditioners or washing machines, it can be helpful to know how much electricity your Peloton uses when you’re looking at your whole home’s energy usage.

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how many watts oven and stove

How many watts does an electric oven and stove use?

We use ovens and stoves to cook all the time, and these days, electric ovens are only gaining in popularity. While not quite as power-hungry as whole-home appliances like air conditioners, it’s important to know how much electricity your oven and stove uses when you’re looking at your whole home’s energy usage, especially because they are relatively high wattage devices.

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