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How to Autoquote with EnergySage

Autoquote is a new feature designed to reduce the amount of time you spend quoting, while increasing engagement with customers. Autoquote empowers you to instantly and automatically generate quotes–to your specifications–for your solar prospects. This tool automates the process and leaves you in control of what you quote, how you price your services, and how you manage your leads. It is currently in beta mode and is not available in all markets.

You can set up Autoquote to feature your preferred pricing and products and to reflect the customer’s roof and shading profile, utility costs and energy consumption, utility provider, geography, and many other critical data points. The system is fully customizable and is able to provide a smart, sophisticated preliminary quote.

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How to get the best residential solar leads in 2019

If you’re a solar installation professional today, you already know how challenging it can be to find the best solar leads at a reasonable price. The U.S. solar industry is booming: we estimate there are currently 5 to 10 million American households considering solar adoption today, and over 3000 solar installation companies seeking to do business with them. In 2016, the country finally hit over 1 million solar installations. While it took 40 years to get to this milestone, its expected that the country will reach 2 million installations at the end of this year.

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