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What’s the best way to find solar providers near me?

If you want a high-quality solar installation, you need to find high-quality solar providers near you. Before you move forward with your home solar project, it is important to find a local solar installation company that is easy to talk to, acts professionally, and offers premium products and installation services.

Why choose a local solar provider?

Choosing a local solar installer that’s based near you over a large-scale national company has many benefits for you as a solar shopper, including:

Lower prices

According to a recent report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) using data from the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, large national solar installers quoted about $0.33/W higher for solar installations than local, smaller companies. For the average EnergySage user, that’s equivalent to an extra $2,300 on your solar installation bill. Choosing a local installer can offer serious benefits in terms of your savings with solar.

Strong customer service

Local installers operate within a much smaller service area than large national installers. If you choose an installer that’s based near you, you can receive more dedicated attention, because local companies don’t have as many customers to worry about. Similarly, local installers rely heavily on satisfied customers to refer their friends and family, while national solar companies have a bigger budget for sales teams and marketing budgets. As a result, they tend to be more focused on every step of the customer experience.

Quality work and equipment

Local installers are likely to hire a few full-time employees who work directly for the installation company, while national installers often hire subcontractors to install their product across the country. Full-time, local employees are held more directly accountable to the company owners, which ensures that your panels will be installed by motivated, professional employees.

Furthermore, if you want the highest quality solar technology, local installers may be the better choice. Local companies often have more options available and custom-design systems with equipment based on customer preference, while national companies will buy their equipment in bulk at the lowest available price.

Tips to find local solar providers near you

Using EnergySage’s Solar Review search tool, you can check to see what verified solar installation companies are offering solar services near your zip code, and what other solar shoppers think of their services. Here are some other ways to find and connect with solar installers in your area:

Talk to friends and neighbors

A great way to learn about any local company is to talk to the people around you. If your neighbors have solar panels, chances are they have a relationship with a local installation company and can give some insight into their experience.

Check local government websites

Many government websites have dedicated resources for clean energy options that will recommend steps to take to install solar, including companies to work with. Local governments have an interest in supporting small, local companies. If your local government is a trusted resource, be sure to check out their recommendations for solar installers.

Talk to local professionals

Solar panel installations involve both structural and electrical home systems, and you can often learn about some quality local installer options from your electrician or home construction or renovation company. Local home professionals are often connected with other local experts, and have local solar installers where they will regularly refer their customers.

Use the EnergySage Solar Marketplace to connect with high quality, local solar installers

With a network of over 450 installers nationwide, soliciting quotes through the EnergySage Solar Marketplace all but guarantees that you can connect with a local solar installer. Additionally, EnergySage’s installers are all pre-screened and must satisfy several requirements to connect with homeowners on the Marketplace. This means that your solar quotes are guaranteed to come from certified installers with great reputations and years of quality service, among other screening characteristics.

Due to the number of qualified installers working with EnergySage, customers on the Solar Marketplace are very likely to receive quotes from installers local to them:

percentage of solar installers near you

By using the EnergySage’s online tools to solicit quotes for your solar project, you are setting yourself up to connect with a high-quality, verified local solar installer. Head over to the EnergySage Solar Marketplace today to start comparing your options.

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