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Best solar companies in California for 2019

Solar in the Golden State is heating up. Prices are falling, and solar panels make more sense than ever for CA homeowners. Choosing the right installer for your solar project is one of the most important steps in the solar shopping process, but it can be difficult to know which installers are the best. Check out our updated ranking of the best solar companies in CA, based on factors like consumer satisfaction and total number of completed installations. 

California is the largest state for solar in the U.S. by a longshot. Whether you’re looking at cumulative solar installations, total number of solar jobs or total number of solar installation companies, California takes the cake no matter what. Thus, when shopping for a solar panel system in CA, it’s vital that you spend some time comparing your options since there is such a breadth of quality contractors to choose from who can offer top of the line prices and equipment. We looked at EnergySage Solar Marketplace customer feedback to develop our list of best solar companies in California for 2019.

Best solar companies in California (2019)

RankCompanyHeadquartersIn Business Since
1Solar Optimum, Inc.Glendale, CA2008
2SolarUnionSan Francisco, CA2011
3NRG Clean PowerCanoga Park, CA1987
4SolarMax Technology, Inc.Diamond Bar, CA2008
5Ra SolarSan Francisco, CA2011
6SUNWORKSCampbell, CA1983
7Gold Coast SolarTemecula, CA2006
8Evergreen SolarCitrus Heights, CA2004
9AWS SolarLos Angeles, CA2007
10G C Electric SolarSan Diego, CA2008

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Best solar companies in top California cities

Many solar installers only operate within certain cities. Here are the top solar installers in some of California’s major cities:

Best solar companies in San Diego

San Diego is one of the hottest cities for solar. Check out some of the best companies to work with for your solar installation:

Top solar installers in San Diego in 2019

1Solar Optimum, Inc.Glendale, CA
2G C Electric SolarSan Diego, CA
3SolarMax Technology, Inc.Riverside, CA
4SolarUnionSan Francisco, CA
5NRG Clean PowerCanoga Park, CA
6Gold Coast SolarTemecula, CA
7Alltech SolarSan Diego, CA
8Clayco ElectricAlpine, CA
9EZ Solar & ElectricChula Vista, CA
10Sungenia Solar SolutionsPoway, CA

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Best solar companies in Los Angeles

With plenty of people to service, there are plenty of quality solar companies in the Los Angeles area. Here are a few of the best:

Top solar installers in Los Angeles in 2019

1Solar Optimum, Inc.Glendale, CA
2AWS SolarLos Angeles, CA
3NRG Clean PowerCanoga Park, CA
4Treepublic SolarBel Air, CA
5Gold Coast SolarTemecula, CA
6ArtGreen SolarLos Angeles, CA
7PacificSky SolarChatsworth, CA
8Plug It In SolarVan Nuys, CA
9United Express Construction & Solar Inc.Van Nuys, CA
10Wise Solar, Inc.Long Beach, CA

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Best solar companies in San Francisco

Like most cities in California, the bay area has plenty of support for solar. Below are some of the top companies to work with to install solar panels on your property:

Top solar installers in San Francisco in 2019

1SolarUnionSan Francisco, CA
2SUNWORKSRoseville, CA
3Ra SolarSan Francisco, CA
4NRG Clean PowerCanoga Park, CA
5Solar Optimum, Inc.Glendale, CA
6LuxLight Solar EnergyLockeford, CA
7SunWorkMilpitas, CA
8Next Solar Inc.South San Francisco, CA
9Clean SolarSan Jose, CA
10Your Energy SolutionsDublin, CA

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Why should you go solar in California?

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), there are over 2,500 solar companies in California in 2019 (including manufacturers, installers and developers). Prices have fallen by 55% over a recent 5-year span across the state with even bigger drops in price on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. Strong competition typically means better deals and better service for consumers and nowhere is that more clear than in California’s solar market. 

A number of strong solar policies, such as California’s net metering policy (NEM 2.0) in addition to the bountiful sunlight totals of one of the sunniest states in the United States have created a perfect environment for strong solar growth. Today, about 16% of all electricity used in California comes from solar power.

In addition to going solar due to the strong growth of the California market, installing solar for any new constructed property is required due to a mandate that passed in early May of 2018. This latest legislative victory for the solar industry demonstrates even further the momentum of solar in the Golden State and the reason so many homeowners are starting to look into solar in 2019. 

Tips for picking the right solar company in California

The best way to choose an installer for your solar project is to solicit multiple quotes from local California solar installers on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace and compare your options side by side. By receiving several solar quotes, you can see exactly where each company differs in their offers.

For example, if you want the best solar equipment available, one solar contractor may rise to the top of your preference list if they offer premium panels. If price is the most important factor in your solar decision, EnergySage allows you to compare total price, price per watt, and long-term savings between each offer.

All installers that submit quotes on EnergySage are certified and pre-vetted to ensure you are only getting quotes from high-quality companies. Try out our Solar Calculator today to see how much you could save by going solar with one of our high-quality local installers.

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***NOTE: This piece was last updated in July 2019, and is updated every 6 months

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