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About Tobin Gedstad

Tobin is a Marketplace Specialist at EnergySage, where he focuses on industry research, new technologies, and analytics. He is currently a student at Boston University, with a major in Economics and a double minor in Computer Science and Sustainable Energy. Tobin brings a passion for making clean energy cost-competitive and easy to understand for all people. Outside of work and school, you can find him playing soccer or exploring Boston with friends.

travelling with an electric car

Travel in the modern EV: a reliable choice

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A common argument against electric vehicles is that they’re “unreliable” or “too limited in range.” Ten years ago, these critics may have been right. But today, electric vehicles represent the future of the auto industry. In 2020, electric car manufacturer Tesla overtook Toyota to become the world’s most valuable carmaker. Other auto companies have been quick to follow, from luxury brands like Audi, BMW, and Jaguar to more affordable options like Chevy or Nissan now boasting new EV options. This trend is driven by scientific advancements in batteries and charging that allow you to travel farther and recharge quicker than ever before. But what does travel with an EV look like today? Is a road trip really viable? Let’s take a look.

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google project sunroof

Google Project Sunroof: making solar easier

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70 percent in the last decade, with prices in Q3 of 2020 hitting the lowest levels ever recorded. Yet many still believe that solar is only a luxury item for green-minded consumers, rather than a long term cost-saving investment. Why is this? A big reason is the lack of easily accessible information about how solar can save you money. Like EnergySage, Google’s Project Sunroof looks to fix this using smart technology.

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