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Jacob is a researcher and content writer at EnergySage, where he focuses primarily on current issues–and new technology!–in the solar industry. With a background in environmental and geological science, Jacob brings an analytical perspective and passion for conservation to help solar shoppers make the right energy choices for their wallet and the environment. Outside of EnergySage, you can find him playing Ultimate Frisbee or being ultra-competitive at a new, obscure board game.

sonnen ecolinx review

The sonnen ecoLinx home battery complete review

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Battery maker sonnen’s “luxury” battery offering – the ecoLinx – is more than just an energy storage device: the ecoLinx syncs your entire property’s energy usage together to efficiently and intelligently manage how you use energy in your home, all without disrupting your lifestyle. Especially when combined with a solar energy system, the sonnen ecoLinx is a powerful and smart home energy management system.

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saltwater battery

Saltwater batteries: what you need to know

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Lithium-ion batteries dominate the energy storage market with their proven technology and continuously falling costs. Lithium-ion isn’t the only storage technology available, however: saltwater batteries are another option that has been around in some form for years now, and have the potential to impact the energy storage landscape in a big way in the coming years.

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Pika Energy Harbor Smart Battery system: the complete review

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Pika Energy is the U.S.-based manufacturer of the Pika Energy Island™ home energy management system. This includes powerful smart batteries, islanding inverters and solar optimizers in one. Notably, Pika Energy partners with Panasonic to produce the Harbor™ smart lithium-ion battery. The Harbor™ is designed to provide extended backup power and maximize your on-site solar energy use.

But how does Harbor Smart Battery measure up against all the other home energy storage options? Read on to learn more about the Pika Energy Harbor Smart Battery’s cost, technology, and warranty coverage.

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generac pwrcell review

The Generac PWRcell home battery complete review

Reading Time: 7 minutes

In 2019, Generac acquired battery manufacturer Pika Energy, and has since integrated their technology into the launch of their own Generac-branded home storage solution: the Generac PWRcell. Having long been a leader in the backup power space, Generac is now moving into clean energy and energy storage, with the PWRcell line of batteries at the forefront of their new product fleet.

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