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Emily is the Content Manager & Research Analyst at EnergySage, where she enjoys making energy fun and easy to learn about! She has a background in environmental consulting and has degrees in Environmental Science and Biology from Colby College. Outside of work, Emily is pursuing a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University in Environmental Science and Policy. She also loves hiking, tending to her collection of houseplants, and trying out new restaurants and breweries whenever possible.


Agrivoltaics: what is it and can it benefit your farm?

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The farming industry has been hit hard by the impacts of climate change. From increasing temperatures to severe droughts, farms are facing new challenges that will likely increase with intensity as climate change progresses. Fortunately, a new solution is arising that can both benefit farmers and help reduce emissions: agrivoltaics (also known as dual-use solar). 

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tesla solar roof vs solar panels

Tesla solar roof cost vs. solar panels: worth the premium?

Reading Time: 8 minutes

In the spring of 2017, Tesla announced pricing for its solar roof product: a roof replacement for your home. Four years later, Tesla is now on its third version of its solar roof and installations are becoming more widespread across the country. The solar roof requires that you replace your existing roof with Tesla’s blend of non-solar glass tiles and solar-enabled glass tiles.

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