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Anna is a marketing intern at EnergySage, where she writes about all things related to clean energy. Currently, she’s a senior at Brown University with a dual major in business economics and environmental studies. This past summer she worked for a cleantech startup, constructing a commercialization strategy and doing market research. This fall she’s excited to learn more about the solar world with EnergySage! Outside of her studies, you can find Anna wearing #7 for Brown Women's Rugby team or outside, enjoying fall (her favorite season) in New England.

Responsible lithium mining

The white gold rush for green lithium: can lithium production be done responsibly?

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Lithium has been hailed as ‘white gold’ for its versatility and value in today’s world. But what exactly is it? Well, lithium powers technology spanning from the computer you’re reading this on to lifesaving pacemakers. Basically, any portable electronic device contains lithium. Lightweight, powerful, and rechargeable, this metal’s value also lies in its role as an essential piece in the clean energy revolution. Lithium batteries’ high energy density and ability to be recharged make them uniquely suited to power the electric vehicles (EVs) and electric grids of the future. However, despite the metal’s importance in the clean energy revolution, it’s incredibly resource-intensive to extract and this process causes environmental distress, leading many to wonder: can we produce lithium responsibly? 

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