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Solar Energy News: Nevada Plant Drives Innovation in Solar Storage, Wind & Solar Dominate Fossil Fuels, Solar Stakeholders Applaud MA Net Metering Decision

cresent dunes 2 solar reserve nevada

Another impressive week in the solar industry has come and gone, and things look a little brighter this Friday. Massachusetts’ major net metering decision, a solar plant capable of dynamic energy storage and unprecedented growth by renewables that is overtaking fossil fuels are the three key headlines from this week’s solar energy news report.

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Solar Energy News: San Francisco Legislation May Make Rooftop Solar Mandatory, EIA Data Confirms 2016 Will Be Solar’s Year, MIT Announces World’s Thinnest PV Cell

rooftop solar San Francisco solar news EnergySage

With a historic Super Tuesday behind us and the madness of an NCAA tournament just a week away, March has officially arrived – and with it comes major solar momentum. Forecasts of a solar takeover in 2016, legislation to mandate rooftop solar in San Francisco and a world-record solar achievement by MIT’s inventive labs are the top headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News.

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Solar Energy News: $46 Million in Renewable Energy Loan Opportunities For Developing World, $18 Million for U.S. Solar Storage

international solar energy sunrise EnergySage

As the #YearofSolar continues, many exciting announcements about new funding initiatives are rolling in. IRENA’s $46 million investment in solar for developing nations as well as a new effort by the Department of Energy to strengthen solar storage technologies are two leading headlines from this week’s Solar Energy News.

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Solar Energy News: PV a New Leader in U.S. Job Creation, California Markets Surge

Obama solar job creation EnergySageWith President Obama’s final State of the Union Address came numerous references to climate change and renewable energy. This week’s Solar Energy News includes headlines about how solar is now a top job creator, record-breaking figures from 2015, and a solar surge in California markets.

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Why 2016 is the Year of Solar

year of solar 2016 energysage

2016 is poised to be the best year yet for solar. At some time during the next few months, the U.S. will reach a milestone of one million solar homes, and industry experts predict that this solar momentum will continue throughout the year. If you’ve been thinking about installing a solar energy system, 2016 is the year to go for it. Read on to find out why we’re now beginning the Year of Solar.
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