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How much do solar panels cost in Atlanta, Georgia?

solar panel cost Atlanta

Over the past decade the US has witnessed a remarkable growth in solar, and Georgia was the fastest growing solar market in the country in 2013. There are more than 197 solar companies at work in Georgia, investing $79 million to install solar on homes and businesses. Atlanta, like much of Georgia, has been a large part of the state’s solar boom in addition to below state average prices for solar panel installation. In this article we’ll explain why Atlanta, Georgia is a great spot for solar power and how Atlanta homeowners can maximize their solar savings. read more

What are the fastest growing states for solar power in 2017?

best states for solar power 2017

In an industry that has continued to grow at an impressive rate nationwide (4.4x over the past 5 years), details on solar hot spots in the U.S. can be elusive. Though there are a few states that are known for having plentiful sunlight (California, Florida, Arizona), there are many states leading the U.S. solar revolution that are flying under the radar. In this article, we’ll break down the top five solar states to date by cumulative solar capacity as well as the states with the fastest growing solar markets in 2017. read more

Solar Energy News: New Solar Technology Can Remove CO2 From the Atmosphere, GE’s South Boston Headquarters Will Run On Solar Power

GE solar headquarters Boston

It was certainly a week to remember for the solar industry, filled with state support for renewable energy and beautified visualizations of corporations running on solar. GE’s new solar powered headquarters, a new device that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere and some exciting state commitments to renewable energy are the bright headlines we’re discussing from this week’s Solar Energy News report.