Comparing top solar panel brands: SunPower vs LG, SolarWorld, Panasonic, Canadian Solar, and Suniva solar panels

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When it comes to solar panel manufacturers, there is no shortage of options for homeowners in 2017. Solar panel technology is improving every year, and many solar panel companies offer products that boast both high conversion efficiency numbers as well as impressive long-term warranties. SunPower is the leader with regard to efficiency across the board while LG solar panels are known for top tier design and aesthetic, but companies like SolarWorld and Suniva offer much more appealing prices for their solar panels. How do the top PV manufacturers stack up? We’ll help you compare and contrast your options among the industry leaders – SunPower, Panasonic, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, LG and Suniva.

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SunPower vs LG, SolarWorld and other Solar Panel Manufacturers

Solar Panel Brand  Average Efficiency (%) Average cost ($/watt) Product Warranty (years)
SunPower 20.6 4.09 25
LG 18.3 3.58 12
SolarWorld 16.7 3.46 10
Suniva 17.1 3.39 10
Panasonic 19.6 3.64 15

1. SunPower: the leader of the pack

Widely considered to be the world’s best solar panel manufacturer, SunPower is responsible for some of the highest performing panel technology on the market in 2016. Compared to some of the more cost-competitive brands like SolarWorld and Canadian Solar, SunPower offers the most expensive solar panels you can buy.

What makes the price worth it: panel efficiency that tops all competitors by a significant margin. SunPower offers a world record high for panel efficiency upwards of 22% with an average efficiency rating of 20.6%. Fellow premium panel maker Panasonic is not far behind SunPower, offering average panel efficiency of 19.7%. However, SunPower’s impressive 25-year warranty, and the lowest equipment degradation rate on the market, sets the company apart. As a brand in PV manufacturing, SunPower has a lot of selling points. Overall, it’s safe to call this company the top panel firm in 2016.

2. SolarWorld: massive market share, competitive prices

SolarWorld is technically a German company and has its headquarters located in Bonn, Germany. It’s also the biggest solar panel maker in the U.S. market and currently operates the largest cell manufacturing facilities in the nation. The company doesn’t offer the record-breaking efficiency that companies like Panasonic and SunPower can provide, but SolarWorld is at the forefront of PV innovation nonetheless. The manufacturer behemoth boasted a high of 21.5% for panel efficiency last year and prides itself on offering some of the most durable solar equipment in the world. When it comes to the bigger panel brands with quality warranties, SolarWorld also offers some of the best prices you can find. If they take their efficiency innovations to scale, SolarWorld will be able to compete with SunPower solar panels on multiple fronts.

3. LG: a premium/luxury solar product with lower prices than SunPower solar panels

Though LG is already a well known household name for electronics, the company is one of the newest panel makers out there. There are few companies who can compete with SunPower or Panasonic on an efficiency basis, but LG solar panels are still considered some of the best high-efficiency P products at 18.3% average efficiency. LG’s product specifications are even more attractive when paired with the company’s average cost per watt ($3.58), which is a full $0.50/watt cheaper than SunPower solar panels.

LG also offers sleek black panel design comparable to SunPower – a customer favorite in the U.S. solar market in terms of aesthetic. While there’s no comparison for SunPower’s 25-year warranty offering, LG does offer an above-average 12-year warranty. Overall, LG matches the national average for cost per watt while being considered a premium panel brand: a pretty impressive feat in the cutthroat PV industry.

Another competitor to SunPower in terms of efficiency is Canadian Solar, the manufacturing giant out of Canada that ranks 4th in terms of global market share for solar manufacturing. Canadian Solar is the largest provider on this list – it alone is responsible for over 150 MW of Germany’s installed solar to date.

4. Suniva: higher affordability, higher efficiency than SolarWorld panels

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Suniva is one of America’s biggest panel brands and hits the “sweet spot” between efficiency and affordability for many homeowners. Suniva proved to be the cheapest top solar manufacturer from our EnergySage Marketplace data, besting even SolarWorld’s cost per watt. With an average conversion efficiency above 17%, Suniva may be the best option for a homeowner trying to get a good deal for their PV system.

Suniva is known for its strong involvement in solar research and development – the manufacturing firm has been involved in R&D for the solar industry for 40 years. Suniva also boasts an influential partnership with Georgia Tech that allows students to contribute to Suniva’s product development as well as PV innovation for the industry. Furthermore, for the patriotic solar shopper, Suniva’s panel is made with 80% American materials – one of the highest percentages in the world for solar equipment.

Making a decision, finding the best solar panel system

Though it may sound cliche, there’s really no bad choice among the leaders in solar manufacturing –the choice you make for your home is dependent on your priorities. Though SunPower may seem to be the undisputed complete package, their product may not prove reasonable in terms of affordability for the average homeowner.

Whether you value price, efficiency, warranty or aesthetic, there will be a clear best option for you when choosing your solar equipment. Ultimately, the point is to make sure you fully understand and can effectively compare your options. With this concept in mind, we also recommend that you get as many quotes as possible for the overall cost of your solar installation by registering your property on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. This strategy will allow you to compare multiple offers and get the lowest bid possible for your area. Just looking for a ballpark estimate for what solar would cost you? Try our Solar Calculator.


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